Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fa la la la la, la la la la

Yesterday morning as I was sitting in my pyjamas making Christmas cards while listening to Christmas music, one of my flatmates said, 'You're so Christmassy...' I don't really feel very Christmassy at all, but I guess compared to a lot of people I am.

We not so fondly refer to our workspace as The Bunker due to the fact that we are basically underground with very few windows and little to no natural light. The garish yellow walls inside The Bunker are a cruel reminder of the sun that we can't actually see.

We put up and decorated the tree at work on Friday and then I made some paper 'snowflakes' with some origami paper I happened to have in my desk.

I'm going to try to get people to make more this week. Angry Tony helped me make a few of my initial ones and he got quite into it.

Tonight I went to The Big Carol Sing at the Town Hall with Fiona and Bret. I hadn't been before and it was really cool singing carols accompanied by the giant organ and the Salvation Army band. However, there was quite a lot of religion which isn't really my thing. The Musical Island Boys sang though, I haven't seen them in ages and they were great.

The kids in the manger scene were pretty hilarious. Joseph and the shepherd looked utterly bored the whole time (as Fiona said, 'I guess there aren't many half pipes in Bethlehem'), while one of the angels got her groove on during the songs and clearly loved being on stage. She kept whispering to the other angels who seemed a bit overwhelmed by their roles.

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