Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pretty. Yum.

Yup, more photos. These were from last last Sunday when I did get to sit in the sun and do a few rows of the Pebble vest in between admiring the view from our deck.

Then I went to a rehearsal for our Christmas show which is coming along nicely, and then to Mumford & Sons at the Town Hall. It was good but by the time they came on we'd been standing for over two hours and my yam feet couldn't cope. The festoons looked beautiful though. I do love a good string of lights.

During the week I went to Safety Not Guaranteed - it felt like I hadn't been to the movies for ages, but turns out my 'ages' is actually like a week and half. I ended up quite liking it, the ending was very unexpected. I also went to a talk about la dia de los muertos at Te Papa. It made me really want to go to Mexico. And I went swimming twice this week at the Freyberg Pool - well, a mixture of swimming and aqua jogging really. I'm embracing my deep uncoolness.

On Saturday I went to a 3 year old birthday party which had a dinosaur cake and whitebait fritters. And then had THE most amazing lunch with Beth at Nam Restaurant. There's a new summer 'Wrap and Roll' lunch menu - you get fresh salad ingredients (lettuce, herbs, thinly sliced veges), different types of meats and fish, and rice paper which you quickly dip in warm water to soften and then use different combinations of ingredients to make yum rice paper rolls which you dip in various sauces.

The lovely woman who runs the restaurant talked us through all the ingredients and showed us how to make the rolls (Beth was way better at it than me).

It was so filling and THEN we got freshly made warm banana sago pudding, which I had never had before but was ridiculously good. I got jasmine tea while Beth got Drip Drip Coffee, which is a little filter contraption that sits on top of a glass quarter-filled with condensed milk. The coffee is dangerously sweet mixed with the milk and even I quite liked the taste.

So, pretty amazing.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

More life in pictures

I really haven't done anything much over this last week except work and watch episodes of Shortland Street in bed late at night with one of my flatmates. There was an incredible moon on Tuesday night, huge and glowing yellow.

On Wednesday night I came home to find a jack-0-lantern on the front step which was cute. This photo is terrible but for some reason the Hipstamatic app was the only one that could cope with the darkness.

And there's been some walking to work and cups of tea and brunches and the usual.

Actually, on Sunday night I went to the final film of the Italian Film Festival. I had wanted to go to a couple of the films during the Festival but didn't manage to fit them in, so had to just go to whatever was on last Sunday evening. It was La Bellezza Del Somaro (A Family on the Verge), a modern adaptation of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. Which, thanks to classic movie Sunday, I have actually seen.

The film wasn't as full of Italian babes as I had hoped, and wasn't quite the Italian romantic comedy I'd hoped for either. It was pretty crazy, but I enjoyed it. I thought making the daughter's boyfriend an old man in his 70s was a great modernising of the shock in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.

I'm going to do some more knitting today, because that baby is going to appear any day now, before going to watch a rehearsal of The Island Bay Loners' Doomsday Christmas Sing-Along. It's a bit weird because Alex, Ed and I have written it but only Ed is in it and it's being directed by our friend Uther. It's going to be amazing though - it's a mixture of comedy and Christmas songs, so how could it not be the best thing ever?