Saturday, April 28, 2012

Boxing on

Oh look, I've become one of those people who never write on their blog. Well, here is the sky last night when I was leaving work. It was pretty cool, there was a layer of dark grey clouds, a gap with sun-pinked clouds, and then a layer of white clouds. On the ground there were some trees. Obviously. I didn't have time to take a very good photo because I was in a hurry but it came out better than I thought.

In other news, because I love moving house so much, I'm doing it again after only three months. While it's been nice being back in the Valley, and this is probably the nicest room I'll ever live in, I was made an offer I couldn't refuse.

This is my current fireplace. I will miss it.

My new room does not have a fireplace or a mantelpiece, but it does have a pretty awesome view of the harbour.

I rescued this picture from the garage of our house in Martinborough. It had a board backing but no frame and I have no idea where it came from, but I found it in a pile of stuff when I was about 10 and decided that its fate was not to sit in our garage and eventually get thrown away. For my birthday when I was about 13 I got my Mum to get it framed, she couldn't understand why I wanted to keep the picture, let alone get it framed, but she did anyway. I don't know why but I really like it. I've always found it kind of creepy, I think because of the greenish colouring and because the girls have no clothes on, but it's actually such a nice image. Two little girls warming themselves by a fire after a bath. Maybe it reminded me of my sister and I during the times when we weren't fighting. It would be nice to know more about the picture, but I think its mystery is part of its appeal.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

On the road again

Our show opened on Thursday night. People have been laughing and I am really proud of it. It's called Nucking Futs and is on at BATS Theatre until Saturday 21 April. It's pretty much been my life the last two weeks so I don't really have anything else to say. Except I have been making progress on this scarf, a little bit at a time.

I started it last year but had to frog it because I wasn't happy with the border (it's moss stitch with a border of plain). I love this yarn though, it's from Tash and the little flecks of light blue pop up rather nicely.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


It seems like all of a sudden, over the weekend, it became Autumn.

I remember when it was all the rage for women (well, in the Wairarapa anyway) to 'get their colours done' and find out what 'season' of colours suited them best. I'm going to self-diagnose myself as Autumn.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Such is my exciting life

This is a spider I found hanging out in my bag as I went to pick it up on Thursday morning. I didn't kill it, I scooped it up in a tissue and let it out the window. I forgot to give it strict instructions not to come back.

This is the inside of a car wash.

Yesterday I finally made good on my Christmas present to my Nana - I took her to the 'Unveiled' exhibition at Te Papa. I really enjoyed it - so many interesting stories behind the dresses and some pretty amazing creations.

My favourite was 'society beauty' Margaret Whigham's 'magnificent Hartnell-designed wedding gown for her marriage to Charles Sweeney in 1933.' It has a crazily long train (18 feet long) bordered with tulle and the dress and train are covered in appliqued stars. Margaret Whigam's life took some pretty interesting turns, although you don't hear about that in the exhibition.

After Te Papa, Nana and I went to Petone to check out Holland Road Yarn Company and then have some lunch. We stopped in at SweetPea and took a cupcake home each. The high teas looked amazing.

Back in the Wairarapa we went for a quick visit with cute children.

But really, nothing very exciting is happening at the moment because it's 11 days until opening night. We've been doing a lot of crafting for the set, learning lines for our brains, and rehearsing for the stage. Nucking Futs at BATS, 12 - 21 April.