Sunday, November 4, 2012

More life in pictures

I really haven't done anything much over this last week except work and watch episodes of Shortland Street in bed late at night with one of my flatmates. There was an incredible moon on Tuesday night, huge and glowing yellow.

On Wednesday night I came home to find a jack-0-lantern on the front step which was cute. This photo is terrible but for some reason the Hipstamatic app was the only one that could cope with the darkness.

And there's been some walking to work and cups of tea and brunches and the usual.

Actually, on Sunday night I went to the final film of the Italian Film Festival. I had wanted to go to a couple of the films during the Festival but didn't manage to fit them in, so had to just go to whatever was on last Sunday evening. It was La Bellezza Del Somaro (A Family on the Verge), a modern adaptation of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. Which, thanks to classic movie Sunday, I have actually seen.

The film wasn't as full of Italian babes as I had hoped, and wasn't quite the Italian romantic comedy I'd hoped for either. It was pretty crazy, but I enjoyed it. I thought making the daughter's boyfriend an old man in his 70s was a great modernising of the shock in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.

I'm going to do some more knitting today, because that baby is going to appear any day now, before going to watch a rehearsal of The Island Bay Loners' Doomsday Christmas Sing-Along. It's a bit weird because Alex, Ed and I have written it but only Ed is in it and it's being directed by our friend Uther. It's going to be amazing though - it's a mixture of comedy and Christmas songs, so how could it not be the best thing ever?

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