Sunday, June 3, 2012

Place of Abode

I love houses. I especially love old houses. And I especially love my new old house. 

It has all sorts of random treasure everywhere.

And a lot of lamps. 

The house of famous children's author, Mary Waters, in Tea for Toot was called Waters' Edge. I imagine Waters' Edge as similar to this house but twice as big (and this is a pretty big house). I think mostly because of the dark wood panelling in the entranceway and the stairs - and the typewriter.

When I was little I used to wish we lived in a house that had stairs. I've since lived in about five houses that have stairs in them, and sometimes I still think of them as a novelty. I can't remember why I thought having stairs would be cool, maybe because it would mean you lived in a two-storey house. I think a lot of it had to do with one of my friends living in a two-storey house and us bumping down the stairs on our bums. Unfortunately, I haven't done a lot of that in any of my houses with stairs.

Lily lives here. She is a giant. We are currently on wary but increasingly friendly terms.

I have hardly been into the shed-turned-study except to show it off to people and/or admire it. Maybe if I went in there more I'd be struck by inspiration. That would be nice.

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