Monday, October 8, 2012

A little vest waits

Anita has finished the baby jersey she has been knitting. It's knit in 4ply so it wasn't exactly a quick knit. I am hopeless. If I spent less time having dinner at Arthur's Kitchen on Saturday night (they have 'Dunedin cheese rolls' as a starter choice - so good), brunch at the Chocolate Fish Cafe at Shelly Bay on Sunday morning (one of the group I was with described it as a 'creche with a coffee machine' which was pretty apt, there were SO many small children, but they were having a great time in the big outside area fighting over the trikes and balance bikes, one little boy pulled down his pants and started weeing right in the middle of all the other kids, until his Dad saw him and ran in and swooped him up, then his Mum came over with a jug of water to wash the concrete. None of the other kids seemed to notice or care, they just altered the course of their biking slightly), or swanning out to Makara for the afternoon on Sunday then I'd have more knitting to show for myself.

I'd never been to Makara before though, so I was glad to go out there. We climbed up a bit of a hill and the view was pretty great. Mana and Kapiti Islands to the north (second picture), and the South Island to the south (go figure).

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