Sunday, November 7, 2010

View from the Prime Minister's Balcony

I have realised I love views. Which seems like a stupid thing to say because who hates views? But there's something about viewing things from a different angle and often framed by a window that I just really like. The Prime Minister has a pretty good view, especially for watching fireworks. He wasn't there which was fine because I have no desire to meet him, but it was interesting to see his office. In many ways I guess it's like any other office, except that it has large photos hanging on the wall of him and the Queen, him and some All Blacks, him and his wife getting off a plane waving to people, and framed front pages from newspapers announcing the election results.

There is new grass in Midland Park. It's very perfect and nice to sit on. And when there's a slight breeze you can see it ripple like little waves towards you, which is very poetic and helps you forget you have to go back to work and sit at your desk.

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