Sunday, November 28, 2010

Decorative doings

Today I cut out a million fabric triangles to make bunting. I ran out of time to actually sew the bunting onto the tape but there's time enough for that before the tea party on the 11th of December (I'm being very organised as am in Auckland next weekend, time is disappearing scarily quickly at the moment). It's a Royal Garden Party themed tea party, inspired by the fact that my friend's sister is returning from England and Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement the other week. I bought some blue material (blue blood/Kate's ring has a giant sapphire in it) in the Arthur Toye Fabrics remnants bin for $4 and used some vaguely blue scrap fabric I already had. My triangles are crooked but it doesn't really matter.

Also, lamest photo ever, but I knit a leaf in record time! Maybe it was just due to the relief of knitting with fatter yarn and needles (my first sock is ready to be kitchener stitched closed but The Bible tells me I need to do it in a quiet room with no distraction and lots of concentration) but I honestly knit it in like an hour. And I didn't have to mark off all my rows, I managed to just know where I was up to! I want to knit some more red and green leaves and use them as Christmas decorations, probably strung together on a ribbon or something. I have green and red acrylic yarn that isn't going to be used for anything else so I might as well.

And a random 'I love Wellington' photo. My first Kaffee Eis gelatto in many many months, on the waterfront, in the sun. The weather here has been actually amazing for the last few weeks, not absolutely brilliant every day but pretty close.

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