Saturday, July 30, 2011

Eeeeeee! But first...

This post is coming to you live from Auckland International Airport, where I am eating one of the worst bagels ever. I am both excited and nervous. The Euros in my wallet look like play money. I suddenly cannot remember any of my five years of high school French. What will the movies on the plane be? Will I cough and cough and get kicked off the plane?

With all that to think about, plus having been sick (bad, bad timing thank you office germs), I haven't had time to post these:

On Monday night I made it along to Monday night Knitting Circle for the first time in months, and it was HUGE! There were about 18 people there. Crazy! There was also a flash new chalk board sign.

I started knitting these while at Monday night Knitting Circle, which I then completely frogged (oh hi, I know the knitting lingo) and started again while I was at home sick on Wednesday because the instructions are a bit confusing. I got them right the second time around, but haven't had time to finish them. I had to pack. And I was trying to use wool I already had so it's 8ply not 10ply, therefore they are tiny and by the time I get back the baby they are for will have been born and will probably be too big for them. Am I bothered by this? No. Because I'm going to Pariiiiiiis!

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