Friday, July 22, 2011

Full of surprises

I saw this twisty intriguing tree while walking home from Hataitai last Sunday. I had afternoon tea with the cutest former baby in Hataitai. Because he's really not a baby anymore. He's still the cutest though.

I had to photo document our last meeting at The Pointing Man.
Our favoured meeting spot after work prior to onward journeys.

Last night we had a surprise farewell for Ed. He and I are hanging out in Paris together for a week, then he's going to Edinburgh for the whole Edinburgh Festival Fringe. I'll see him again in Edinburgh towards the end of my holiday, but then I'm coming home and he's going to make use of his British passport and see where it takes him.

While the party was a fond farewell, it also had some strong 'Please come back one day' messages, including a string of words that read 'Home Run Ed.' However, when viewed from a certain angle, they seemed to be sending the opposite message:

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