Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What it is sized city (not big, or little, or big little)

On the weekend I went to Auckland to catch up with two Sophies I used to live with, and see one of the Sophies in the Silo Theatre production of Top Girls at the new Q Theatre.

The show was really good. Great design, strong performances (my new favourite phrase) from all the actors, and a very clever script. And Q Theatre is rather flash.

As per usual, I did a lot of eating. This was my haloumi breakfast salad on Saturday (I was intrigued by what a 'breakfast salad' would be, turns out, it's just a salad) at a place called The Rabbit Hole.

We went to the newly refurbished Auckland Art Gallery to see the exhibition 'Degas to Dali'. The gallery is really nice, and the exhibition was good too. We were given the strangest survey to fill out as we left the gallery though, it included such questions as, 'Are you a spiritual person? Do you like going to the countryside as often as possible?'

In one section of the building they had the original pillars showing through the wall which was interesting. I loved the fabric flowers hanging from the ceiling in the foyer of one of the gallery's levels - the flowers all move.

My next brunch had a ridiculous amount of avocado. I basically ate a whole avocado. I also had fresh pineapple and mint juice which was excellent.

At Sophie's house they are growing impressive chillies and have swing ball. Their garden is very tropical. Auckland grows on me more every time I go there.

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