Monday, July 2, 2012

Ancient History

What have I been doing? I don't even know. But here are some photos from last weekend. I think. It seems like a long time ago already. I was down in Canterbury visiting my Mum.

I finally completed my great Christmas 2011 lavender scheme, by taking the bunch of dried lavender out of the hot water cupboard, stripping the little bits off it, admiring my harvest, and cutting up an old pillowcase to sew two little lavender pillows.

I kept saying it was a small cottage industry and that Country Calendar would be around to interview me any minute. Next summer I am going to really have to up my harvest. 

On Saturday night my Mum, step-sister, and I went to a movie at the Waikari hall. The old screen is still there from many many years ago when movies used to be played and someone has set a projector up in the old projector booth. The chairs weren't exactly luxurious but it was a cute community time. The movie was The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which I had seen before but I knew my Mum would like.

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