Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Too tired to think of a title

Last week Kelly took me to Cafe Breton for lunch. I didn't know it existed and I love it! I do know that acute accents exist and that there should be one on the 'e' of 'cafe' but I can't make it work on here.

I have to say though, I bought some macarons to take back to work and they weren't amazing. They tasted like an oven. I have very high standards though, because of my favourite macarons in Auckland. Anyway, apart from the macarons, which I'm willing to give a second chance, it was so cute and my omelette was giant and yum. And the French guy there is quite a babe.

My other near-my-new-work discovery is a florist a few doors down that has amazing $10 bunches of flowers. I really hate the blank walls of depression that are office cubicle dividers, and I'm slowly covering my new ones with decorative items (I refuse to put 'useful' things like organisation charts and phone lists on them, that's what folders are for), but I can't go too crazy too quickly and install a whole exhibition, so I've bought flowers twice now to help fill the gaps. They smell amazing.

In movie news, the other weekend I watched a Danish film. It was called A Royal Affair, and I only kind of skim-read the synopsis on the Penthouse Cinema website when Kelly asked if I wanted to join her and some others for dinner and the movie, so I thought it would be some kind of bodice ripping costume drama. And who doesn't need a bit of that sometimes? Turns out, it's a pretty intense two hour and seventeen minute long historical drama about the Danish royal family in the 18th century. I learned a lot though, like that vaccination in some form had been invented as early the 18th century and that Danish is a very complicated sounding language.

Completely different, was Sunday's classic movie. The Commitments

I think the idea to watch it came about because Cam was talking about the song 'Mustang Sally' last classic movie Sunday. Anyway, I had seen bits of it before because my Mum loved it, but I don't remember ever having seen it all the way through. While the story is pretty much that of your run-of-the-mill struggling group from unlikely origins (often sports teams but in this case a band), I liked that they didn't actually achieve fame or anything in the end. It felt much more realistic. For some reason, I always thought it was based on a true story. I just learned that it isn't. 

Anyway, there are heaps of babes in the film and I decided Jimmy Rabbitte could be my Irish husband. The poverty and hopelessness of Dublin in some parts of the film were pretty stark. In one scene, there are kids just throwing bricks at a wall in an alleyway for what seems like no reason, they just have nothing else to do.

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