Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Campus a Low Hum

Hipster camp was amazing.

The weather was beautiful - so, so hot it made the freezing cold showers a gasp-inducing relief.

Camping was fun - except for getting bitten on my leg by what was probably a white tail spider; it swelled up to resemble a poached egg (there is a gross photo but I won't share that) and I had to go to the medical centre in Marton on Sunday morning. Luckily they just gave me antibiotics and bandaged it up and I was able to get back to having a nice time pretty quickly.

The bunting got an outing again, it looked very cute strung up between our two tents (and our Palace Tent was amazing, so big that I was able to have a double air bed all to myself - we were pretty much glamour camping, aka 'glamping'). Beth had the best retro umbrella to escape the sun under, complete with a fringed edge.

I saw so many great new bands and one that I had discovered the week before - an all female Wellington band called St Rupertsberg. They dressed in mumus for their set. I love them. My favourite venue was a big empty indoor pool, especially at night, but the bands also played in the empty barn, outside on the lawn, and one band played on the roof of the old bike sheds.

There was a weird and hilarious 1am 'visualisation session' during which pretty much everyone just fell asleep, secret karaoke at 3am in one of the squash courts, a whole room that had been turned into a camera obscura, so many empty buildings (I got to play librarian in the empty library - for that role my 'Keep Spirit: Peace for All Over the World' hat that Alex bought me from the $3 + GST shop had to come off: 'No hats in the library please; sorry all the books are out this week') with random remnants of their past life (such as funky wee chairs) and Flock House itself was old and intriguing.

It was definitely one of the best 4 day weekends I've ever had - even driving out singing along to Fleetwood Mac in the car was a fun time. Alex and I made up a new comedy character to join our steadily increasing comedy cast. And of course there was dancing. So much dancing!

This photo pretty well sums up my feeling towards Campus A Low Hum.

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