Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nice things

With all the loss and hardship in Christchurch right now, I am especially grateful for all of the nice things in my life. And even the not so nice things, because they're very trivial in comparison.

Last weekend I went to a 'Kitchen Fi Party' for my friend Fiona who is getting married at home in the company of her closest friends and family on the 5th of March. There was delicious food and some cute fun games - I got 12 out of 12 for the 'celebrity hook-ups and bust-ups' picture quiz. I swear I don't read trashy magazines!

When we arrived we each got given three pegs to clip on our clothes; if anyone was heard saying any of the banned words helpfully stuck on the door, a peg was taken off them by the person who heard the word. The person at the end of the afternoon with the most pegs was the winner.

Everyone who attended the Kitchen Fi was asked to contribute a recipe prior to the day; the recipes were then compiled into a beautifully designed recipe collection entitled 'Fi's Food Formulary' - I contribute a recipe for cupcakes. Knitted cupcakes.

On Sunday I had high tea with Alex and Sarah at Martha's Pantry. I had been wanting to have high tea there for aaages and Alex and Sarah and I had been trying to fit in a date for aaages so it was the perfect combination. Everything was so quaint and the food was AMAZING.

(Yup, I had a Charles and Diana One Year Wedding Anniversary commemorative teaspoon)

The little sandwiches, the little savoury things I don't know the names of but were YUM, the little scones with lemon curd and cream, the tiny cupcakes, truffles, and melting moments. DREAM.

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