Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kia ora 2011

I never want to go back to work.

In the last 8 days I have hung out with both my families, stayed up until 11.30pm Christmas eve finishing a knitted cupcake for a 3 year old whose mother was more impressed by it than she was, had a very nice Christmas day, won $52 at the boxing day races (my first outing to the races...that it was so successful could be dangerous), played my first 9 holes of golf (I didn't keep count but apparently I wasn't terrible), taken my little brother horse trekking, FINISHED MY FIRST SOCK and cast on the second (a Christmas miracle if ever there was one), eaten so much good food, introduced some Wellingtonians to the joys of the Wairarapa (McDonalds at Queen Elizabeth Park - it's basically a Masterton rite of passage, the swing bridge, and paddle boats), spent an unexpected night at a bach at Ngawi where so many fences and houses are crumbling into the sea, discovered an amazing board game called Ticket to Ride, played an epic game of Celebrity/Names, star gazed in the clearest sky I've ever seen (so many shooting stars!), drank margaritas and danced the night away to see the new year in, then spent 12 hours straight in Ed's lounge eating the best cooked breakfast ever and watching episodes of Glee, Notting Hill, The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, and a documentary on Justin Timberlake to recover.

I have also taken so many photos it's ridiculous.

And because at this time of year restrospective navel gazing is inevitable: 2010 had one really hard bit but it also had many many really really awesome bits, so overall it was a great year. I can only hope the same of 2011. I also hope to finish my second sock.

(In the first photo I am wearing an amazing pink floral 70s dressing gown with bell sleeves that I bought at a second hand shop in Masterton. I wish I could wear it all day.)


  1. That's too much awesomeness in one post. I'm glad that for the highs and lows you had over 2010 you ended on a series of wonderfuls. Happy New Year! :o)

  2. Happy new year to you too Steph! We will have to have an email catch-up so I can hear how your Christmas was; hope the boxing day shake(s) didn't unsettle you guys too much :)