Monday, January 17, 2011

Lovely lovely

If you look closely, those are bubbles floating in the sky on a perfect Wellington evening at the Botanic Garden during one of the ASB Summer Magic concerts. The concerts continue until the 30th of January so I am planning to attend a few more, hopefully on nights equally as still and warm.

After the Friday evening concert we went to a friend's friend's super cute courtyard garden, full of candles, fairy lights, and roses. Some very, very secretly strong punch may have meant I left the courtyard a little less idyllic by the end of the night, but we won't discuss that further. Some things are best forgotten to avoid having to lock yourself in your room forever out of shame.

Hydrangeas are out in force at the moment. For some reason they seem old time-y and dainty and quaint, but also wildly cheerful and bursting to be out and proud. Does that even make sense? Well it does to me.

Devon Street hydrangeas

Botanic Garden (I want to say 'Botanical Gardens' but apparently that is not actually correct) hydrangeas

On Sunday Janet and I went to high tea at Mojo on the waterfront (Kumutoto Plaza). It was delicious! The tiny slices of scone with lemon curd and cream were especially good.

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