Monday, January 24, 2011

Let's do The Time Warp again

On Friday night my sister had her 21st birthday party. It was very different to the dinner I had for my 21st a few years ago, but then Megan and I are very different. Except for the bossiness. We are both very bossy.

Highlights included a massive family Macarena, followed by The Time Warp and the YMCA. Who knew synchronised dancing could bring a very disparate, large family together so effectively?

I was extremely delighted to see my little cousin wearing a dress my Mum and I bought her in Melbourne a few years ago, when she was just a baby. The didn't have any smaller sizes but it was so pretty we decided we had to buy it for her to fit into when she was old enough. And now she is! We can't take credit for the shoes though, even though they're so awesome I'd like to.

She loved dancing around in the dress (my friend Lauren and I taught her how to shimmy - even though I am probably the worst shimmy-er in the entire world) and a box of sparklers were a hit with her and everyone under the age of 12. If only they realised how much I burned my fingers trying to light them all!

Speaking of Lauren and I, here we are! This photo is mainly to document my dress - I bought it from Frutti for the Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards back in December (that feels like such a long time ago) and I was glad to have an excuse to wear it again. It's very fitted and goes down just past the knee. Actually quite Mad Men-ish as well...

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