Monday, January 31, 2011

Outdoor leisure

Surprisingly enough, this post does not contain photos of boxes - despite the fact that I am quite well aquainted with them at the moment. I'm glad I have spread my moving out over 2 weekends, it has meant I can still do other things, like...go to another of the concerts in the Botanic Garden for Adrianne's birthday in my new amazing Recycle Boutique 1950/60s dress!

And in keeping with the retro theme, I babysat on Saturday night at a house filled with art and NZ memorabilia.

I also loved their dinner set. I think Mad Men is really getting to me.

And no, it's not Crown Lynn. I checked.

Then on Sunday we didn't exactly have classic movie Sunday. But we did watch a cult classic...OUTSIDE!

We started off with a couple of short films, including Six Dollar Fifty Man, from which you can see a still. Then the main feature was Withnail and I. I took a while to warm to it - a few minutes in I said to Alex, 'Is this a dumb movie?' and she said, 'No, it's funny' and I said, 'Good.' But it didn't really get that funny for quite some time. But then it did get very funny. And I liked it. So there you go. A couple of people said that it was the second time they'd seen it and they'd enjoyed it much more than they did the first time. I don't know if I'll rush to give it a second viewing. But Richard E. Grant is pretty great in it.

I didn't go to knitting tonight. I had to pack up my wardrobe. Which has grown considerably. Woops.

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