Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crowning glory

Yesterday my super speedy Wikipedia skills won me this poster:

It will go very nicely in my new room.

I am really looking forward to the Crown Lynn: Crockery of Distinction exhibition at the City Gallery, Crown Lynn is such a New Zealand institution and I love that the range of crockery they produced is so wide – from functional every day dinner sets to funky modern pieces that are more like works of art. And those swans, just screaming to be put on a mantelpiece in all their pristine glory.

I’m moving house over the next week which is exciting, but with rehearsals for our show’s Auckland Fringe season now in full (hysterical) swing, pilates, funding applications (also for the show), friends’ birthday picnics, babysitting, outdoor movies (as well as indoor movies) and theatre to see, I don’t know when I’m actually going to get time to pack. Plus that thing called work I have to go to five days a week. If only sleep was optional. Needless to say not much progress has been made on the second sock.

On Sunday we watched Arsenic and Old Lace for classic movie Sunday. It was referred to in a review of the original season of our show so I’d wanted to see it for a while. Unfortunately I was so tired after a bit of night out dancing that I had trouble keeping my eyes open at some points but I managed to keep up with the plot. Which basically revolves around two old women, poison, dead bodies, a newly married nephew and an estranged nephew, and a man who thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt. It was crazy, but enjoyable. And it did have some similarities to our show – well as far as the two old ladies and poison are concerned. Cary Grant was really irritating though. I’d be interested to see him in a serious/romantic role because the way he played his comedic character was just too much for me. Still, I’m glad I saw the movie.

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