Sunday, April 3, 2011

Autumn is in the air, doo do doo, doo do doo

When in Masterton, one of the things I always do pretty much as soon as possible is get a milkshake (or an iced chocolate) and a plain mince pie from the Ten O'Clock Cookie Bakery Cafe (aka 10CC). I don't eat pies very often, but these are the best. I remember the days when it was just a tiny bakery with one or two tables, but a few years ago they bought the shop next door and knocked walls down so now it's pretty huge by Masterton standards. I also remember the days when I had to walk ten miles in the snow to school. Barefoot.

Out at the farm there are four working dog puppies. Maggie solemnly explained to me that she can only keep one, they already have enough working dogs so they will have to find new homes for the other three puppies. The puppies are very well looked after, she follows them around, tries to pick them up, and says 'Get out of it boy' just like her Dad. She is too cute (and her hair cut is just like Dora the Explorer, which is lucky because she loves Dora).

I just thought these were pretty. 

Autumn is definitely here. The nights are chilly and the leaves all over the Wairarapa are turning. Thankfully daylight savings will mean it's a wee bit lighter tomorrow morning when my alarm goes off, it's hard getting up in the dark when the wind's blowing. We have been having some beautiful sunny days though, so can't really complain.

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