Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Get your card on

Essential ingredients for card making
(although, actually, it wasn't alcoholic, just cranberry and mint with an umbrella)

On Monday night I went to Gabe and Simon's for dinner and a card making evening. I wasn't sure how much card making would get done but Gabe was determined to create a stockpile.

What you can't see in this photo is Simon sitting on the couch hard at work sewing onto a card, and my flatmate Tom sitting on the floor drawing. You can see some of the various fabrics on offer, Jess made excellent use of some pink sequined material. Her cards were very...creative.

Actually all of the cards were quite hilarious as well as amazing. Simon's sewn candy cane card can be seen at the very front of the display, he had been keeping his sewing a secret the whole time and was very proud of himself when he revealed the finished product.

These are my cards. I made a total of three in two and a half hours... I hadn't realised how slow I am at making things until I was with other people. I sit and think and then rule and cut and arrange and glue very precisely. But I love my cards so it was worth my snail's pace. I got a bit carried away with the old sheet music Gabe had for us to use. It's so pretty. For the front card I used some scraps of wrapping paper I had tucked away, it's going to be for my baby cousin Isla's naming ceremony in two weekend's time.

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