Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Unusual Suspect

Last night I drove to Masterton, spent approximately three hours there, and then drove back. This is because I am both crazy and a highly dutiful family member.

While in Masterton at my great aunt's birthday dinner (which was really just an excuse to get everyone together as some family from Australia were over), I got some lilac and entered a Melbourne Cup sweepstake. I got number seven, 'Unusual Suspect'. I have no idea what my odds are but I'm guessing not good.

Interestingly, two people had stories about lilac and funerals. When I asked if I could pick some to take some home, my Nana Gail said that her mother-in-law (the great aunt's mother) had died during lilac season and they had placed lilac all around the opening of her grave.

Then, when I called into my other Nana's for a cup of tea on my way through Carterton, I gave her some of the lilac and she said (unaware of the earlier anecdote at another house), 'My mother died in October so we had a lot of lilac at the funeral. It's got a lovely scent.'

So there we go, lilacs and funerals. I don't think I'll be able to see or think of lilacs without remembering that coincidence from now on.

Unfortunately, I ended up forgetting to take the rest of the lilac home from Nana's, which is a shame because it does smell amazing.

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