Sunday, October 30, 2011

Long weekend in pictures

Leaving Wellington

Anita's exhibition, Tender Chaos - Cyanotypes on Fabric, in Hamilton. Look at all those red stickers!

Browsers bookshop on Victoria Street is amazing.

I noticed these trees everywhere, their leaves are a strange washed out pinky grey. I kept thinking the leaves looked like they'd been dipped in bleach, or washed and scrubbed so much they'd faded.
Photo by Anita

Anita and I drove to Hamilton to see Alex in Hotel. This is Anita and I lurking in the corridor at the hotel in which the show was performed. Anita took the photo, as you can see, so I hope she doesn't mind me using it, because I really love it. It's like 'Me in a Mirror' all over again.

We stayed at the YHA, extremely clean and tidy with the added bonus of a 'Herbal Teapot & Cups'. On Friday, Alex and I went to Midnight in Paris. So good. The story and performances were great, but I loved seeing so many parts of Paris I saw only a few months ago and internally going, 'I've been there!' It's easy to get caught up in the beauty of Paris when you aren't being reminded of the beggars in the Metro tunnels and when you can't smell that strange, urine-like smell that hits you in certain places. Still, Paris is amazing and looking back it was definitely a highlight of my holiday.

When I got back to Hamilton, Anita and I went to a YUM Mexican place for dinner. They gave us a giant pitcher of Sangria. Anita noted that her face has never before been revealed on the blog, despite having been the star of many posts - so today as double whammy, as well as the hotel photo, her angry face.

When we got home we made ginger crunch. I have never made it before. Guess which one is mine...THE SMOOTHEST. This may have something to do with my finicky dedication to following instructions vs. Anita's 'I don't bother creaming the butter and sugar, I don't sift anything, it takes me ten minutes to make and it always tastes fine.'

I didn't taste hers but I'm sure it tasted more than fine. I don't really care though because mine tasted AMAZING. Who knew ginger crunch was so easy?! We used the Edmonds Cookery Book recipe.

On Saturday night I was living the solo Hamilton dream so I went to see The Trip. I want to marry Rob Brydon; this is because he is both Welsh and very, very funny. I laughed so much in the movie I think the people next to me regretted their choice of seats.

When I arrived back in Wellington at 9am this morning (Grabaseat, you may be cheap but you are not kind), it was a beautiful day. This afternoon I walked to Island Bay. Why have I not done this before?

I wish every weekend was a long weekend that ended with a walk to the beach and cider on the front porch with flatmates. But not sunburn. That was silly.

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