Thursday, October 13, 2011

John Bob

Today we farewelled my grandfather, in his 80th year. There were a couple of photos, two of which I hadn't seen before, that I really loved.

This last one is he and I. Quite a long time ago, obviously. He lived with us for a very short time when I was quite little and this was when I started calling him John Bob after my young ears misheard 'Good night John Boy' (which is apparently from The Waltons) as 'Good night John Bob'. It caught on and all his grandchildren have known him as John Bob, until the littlest ones adapted it to Bob Bob.

As was said during the service today, he could be a pretty gruff man, he had a short temper, and he didn't suffer fools gladly, but he also had a great, dry sense of humour, worked incredibly hard his whole life, loved whiskey and the sea (hopefully not at the same time if he was captaining...), and while he might not have been very vocal about it, his family.

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  1. The John Bob Story is a fabulous one. And that bottom pic looks very much a loving John Bob, (without a trace of gruff).