Sunday, October 23, 2011

Getting serious

Following my date with myself to La Prima Cosa Bella on Wednesday night, I presented myself with a red rose on Thursday (it was the Red Cross' street appeal this year - a gold coin donation and you got a red rose). I said at work that I'll probably be proposing to myself pretty soon, to which someone quipped, 'You might want to try living with yourself first, just to make sure.'

The Italian Film Festival is on at the moment and you can't really go too wrong with Italian films - either the actors are beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, or both. I really enjoyed La Prima Cosa Bella, especially the scenes set in the 1970s. The characters were all very endearing in their own complicated way. Especially the mother and the son, who, as a child, had a constant frown on his face. I'd say it was more a drama than a comedy but there were lots of amusing moments.

Last night, Kelly and I went to Happy Family. I was a bit unsure as to whether I'd like it that much as it seemed like a concept that's been done quite a lot (a writer whose characters start to appear in real life and try to influence his writing). While Kelly and I agreed the parts we liked least were the parts where the characters appeared to Ezio and complained to him, the rest of the film was very funny and a bit Amelie-ish in terms of the aesthetic.

Everything seems better in Italy. Although I'd just like to point out how great my divider at work is and that's only part of it. It's like sitting in a tiny Cherie curated exhibition. I love seeing pictures of people's workspaces; one of my flatmates has a design magazine out from the library and it has an article in it about British 'artist-designer' David Gentleman (best last name ever) which includes a photo of Gentleman's desk with all his brushes, pencils, sharpeners, chalks and pastels sitting in the grooves of long strips of corrugated cardboard and the bits and pieces stuck on the wall above it.

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