Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Things people other than me have made

An amazing cake - Shane the Train - made by Erin and Paul to farewell Hannah. Truly a magificent creation that took the original Woman's Weekly Cake Book inspiration to the next level.

A drawing of me by Nova who is eight. The two giant red circles on my face are particularly accurate.

I did have a hand, well, a head in this.

Once again the Wellington International Ukelele Orchestra was amazing. I think I had a giant smile on my face the whole time on Friday night, except for when I was singing along. So many great moments but the torch-lit onsie zip assistance, the pink togs, and a man from the audience getting on stage and performing a song he had requested on Facebook but that they hadn't learned were definite highlights. And their new EP is GREAT. I love 'This Charming Man', 'Boogey Man', and 'Raylene' especially. As Abbey said, you just want to take them all home and force them to drink cups of tea with you and be your new best friends.

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