Thursday, October 6, 2011

Spreading joy

I have been passing this on my way to work each morning for the last couple of weeks (although, not so much this week because it has been raining too hard).

There are a whole lot of images hanging in the window of a picture framing shop on Cuba Street (I don't know the name, I think it's The Workshop, but it's near the intersection with Abel Smith Street; I'm not going to bother trying to say upper or lower Cuba Street because what I think of as upper Cuba is what everyone else thinks of as lower Cuba, I've had the discussion with people so many times and I still get confused as to what's up and what's down). A sign says you go in and choose your image, then go away and do something nice for someone, come back, write down what you did, and replace your chosen image with the note.

It's to 'spread joy' throughout Wellington apparently. Some of the notes are a bit cheeky ('I gave pop tarts to children!') but it's a cute idea. Maybe I should choose an image and spread some joy...

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