Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rain on the parade

The parade finished across the road from could I not pop out and have a look?

The cup. I had to majorly zoom in - luckily, while small, the cup is so shiny it's hard to miss. Even in the rain.

Although, to be honest, I have had quite the change of heart over the last few weeks, from 'I hate the All Blacks' to 'I want to marry Stephen Donald.' I doubt it will last very long, though, after all the fuss has died down. Plus, my allegiances aren't that strong - towards the end of the final I did start hoping France would win. They were so close and it would have made fools of all those arrogant people in the days leading up to the game who so confidently wrote France off. But as so many people have said, it would have been unbearable had the All Black's lost, and it's nice seeing people being brought together by something positive for a change. And parliament looked nice with all the New Zealand flags out.

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