Saturday, November 12, 2011

Time travel, Veronica Lake, rage.

I took this a couple of weekends ago, it made me feel like I'd time travelled.

Last night I went to see Drowning in Veronica Lake. It's a solo show and the actress is stuck in the middle of the stage for the whole hour, wearing a white dress with a giant skirt that reaches out across the stage. It was very effective and despite being unable to really move, the actress held my attention the whole time which was pretty impressive because I usually end up looking at my watch at some point during a show, even if I'm enjoying it.

Veronica Lake was a big movie star in the 1940s who suffered from alcoholism and following the collapse of her movie career ended up working in a hostel bar to pay for her accommodation. I am currently reading all about her through my best friend Wikipedia.

This week I watched season 1 of Parks and Recreation and I loved it. I am now really angry because I can't find season 2 on DVD anywhere.

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