Friday, January 22, 2010

I love a long weekend!

Annnnd back to raining. Although still warm - a little bit too warm last night and this morning. That muggy kind of yuckness. However, I am still quite happy for the long weekend to arrive. Big ups to Wellington Anniversary Day on Monday!

On Wednesday night I got some more knitting done so this is the hat as it now stands, or rather sags. It's getting a bit annoying now because the stitches seems to be sitting further apart on the needles (no, I haven't dropped any - I checked), I'm guessing because of the weight of what's dragging them down or something, and it's freaking me out that gravity might pull some off the ends of the needles. I'm supposed to be trying to worry less but knitting is not helping in this respect! Otherwise, so far so good. My Nana is going to be SO impressed.

(The Stripes up close and personal)

(the hat in general)

I'm hopefully going to get a good 90 minutes of knitting this afternoon/evening on the train. I'm going back to the Wairarapa for the weekend and am really excited because I'm going to go to the Greytown Arts Festival (I mentioned this is in my very first post). The weather is supposed to be rainy off and on over the weekend but oh well, a little bit of wet never hurt anyone (although Nana will be whipping out her brolly, she is coming with me and is always very careful not to get her perm wet!). James from JOY of Yarn has organised a whole lot of knitting related events over the weekend and while I'm definitely going to visit his knitting trail, I'll have to see whether I'm brave enough to join in with some of the other knitting activities. A full list of the knitting events at Scarlett Oak Cottage over the weekend can be found here on Ravelry.

Last night I was up until 11pm working hard on a little secret. If anything eventuates from it I will say more but until now, my lips are sealed (though my brain definitely wasn't closed last night, I didn't get to sleep until after midnight because it was whirring away and took ages to calm down after all my thinking! And then it was really muggy all night and I dreamed about having to babysit my former manager's new little baby and my former manager was giving me all these long involved instructions...which is completely opposite to the instructions he actually used to give me!).

Yay for a long weekend!

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