Friday, January 29, 2010

On the decrease

Last night, the decrease began. I could be finished this hat by the end of the weekend! Except I don't know what the last part of the instructions means:

"Cut colour B's tail, and thread it through the remaining 28 stitches. Pull tight and bring the tail to the inside and weave it in. Leave colour A coming out of the top of the hat."

Thread it through the remaining 28 stitches? My guess is that you cut the tail and put it through a darning needle and then pass the darning needle through the stitches while they are still on the knitting needle. But that is merely a guess and I don't trust myself enough to actually enact that guess with any confidence.

So I may have to get as far as that part and then take it to Monday night knitting circle and see if anyone can help me. The "pull tight and bring the tail to the inside and weave it in" makes me concerned as it makes me think that this pattern writer's inside is the actual inside, whereas my inside is the actual outside if you know what I mean...

Ahhh knitting, you are so cryptic.

Here is a photo of the hat in which it looks like it has big front teeth:

And here is a photo of the hat doing an impression of a Chinese latern:

As you may be able to tell, I have become rather attached to this hat so if I stuff it up right at the end it is going to upset me no end. I'm sure I won't though, this hat and I have come too far for it to go wrong now. I have faith in the hat (and the help of somebody, anybody, at Monday night knitting with more knitting knowledge than I have).

The only thing I bought at the Greytown Arts Festival (apart from food, I buy food so much I don't even count it as a purchase - and that is why my money disappears so mysteriously) was this:

My Dad grew up in Martinborough in the Wairarapa and he and my Mum bought a house there when they got married (my Mum was from Caterton, so she made the big move of about 30 minutes drive away from where she grew up). I was brought up there until I was 12 and my Dad's parents and younger brother still live there so I have pretty strong ties to it. So when I saw this badge I had to buy one for me and one for my sister (although hers doesn't have the clip part sewn to the back, it's just a patch, which I would have rather had as well but I liked the colours of this one better).

I love the Wairarapa.

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