Monday, January 25, 2010

A perfect afternoon!

From when I arrived in Masterton at 6pm on Friday (having knit for 90 minutes straight on the train and made some excellent hat progress) until the early hours of Sunday morning, the rain DID NOT STOP. The driveway at my Dad and step-Mum's house was like a swimming pool on Saturday; the day was windy and generally awful. So Nana and I decided to wait until Sunday when the rain was supposed to be clearing to go to Greytown.

What a good decision! Although it began overcast, Sunday became a beautiful HOT day and we had a fantastic time visiting 6 of the 9 houses and gardens open to the public that had art, jewellery, sculpture, and crafts displayed. First, however, Hunter and I made 60 cupcakes...

We had made a batch the day before that quickly got eaten and as my sister was up from Christchurch to go to a day in a vineyard in Martinborough on Sunday with her friends for her 20th birthday (which is today, happy birthday Megan!) and was having a bbq for her birthday on Sunday night, Hunter decided we should make a double batch for the bbq. When I got home from Greytown, he and my Nana iced them while I made some potato salad and ambrosia (a dessert made of whipped cream, yoghurt, marshmellows, and chocolate). The finished cupcakes looked awesome and when we presented Megan with her birthday cake with candles that night, Hunter also presented her with a cupcake with a candle and she blew out both. It's so cute, he loves cooking and baking, I just hope it stays that way as he gets older!

And now, here are some photos from Greytown. It was just such an awesome day, Nana and I had a really great time.

A sock mobile at JOY of Yarn's Scarlet Oak Cottage (I met James and he was so lovely and he and his partner's cottage is really cute)
Toadstools at Scarlet Oak Cottage

A bunch of beautiful flowers at Scarlet Oak Cottage

We stopped and had afternoon tea at the Vintage Tea Rooms (I couldn't resist taking a photo with the Tui beer sign of the South Wairarapa Working Men's Club in the background, you can also see some of the knitting trail hanging from the awning). It was perfect - water in a funky tall jug with a slice of lemon in each glass, old china tea cups, a pot of tea each for Nana and I, fresh flowers on the tables, and warm scones with jam and cream (the beauty of modern technology - Nana said, 'Oh they're nice and warm - they must be freshly baked', I didn't want to suggest that it was more likely that they had been zapped in the microwave for 30 seconds..).

We sat at one of the tables outside, opposite a beautiful old building (well, old for New Zealand...) and you can see more of the knitting trail hanging down in the foreground.

More knitting on the footpath (I like to think the 'Caution' road sign is referring to the knitting)

And of course, some lovely houses, gardens, and sculptures. A perfect afternoon out!

All those lovely houses and gardens, it was like a window into another (very expensive) world...

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