Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And I try to pretend this is a craft blog

Eeeeee! We (Alex, Ed, and I) got some exciting news today. We got the venue we wanted for taking Tea for Toot to the Auckland Fringe festival early next year, so it's full steam ahead. There is a slight hitch with the dates because someone is getting married (maybe she'll wear her armwarmers with her wedding dress, surely they'll be finished by then...), but I'm sure we'll be able to shift the season by one day. Typical though, of all the dates they could give us for the opening night, it had to clash with the one unmissable event we have next February!

On Sunday (for classic movie Sunday, of course) we finally watched what is apparently the greatest film of all time: Citizen Kane. I can understand that claim in terms of its innovations in filmmaking (I just checked that that really is one word and it is; it looks ridiculous) for the time, but I'm not sure I'd agree overall (although, really, what do I know? I'd never even heard of this supposed ultimate classic before we started our classic movie Sunday mission a few months ago). I did enjoy it though, it had a bit of mystery to it and Orson Welles is great as Charles Foster Kane. I like stories about people's lives, even fictional ones, so that was the main reason I enjoyed it. And it was black and white which always makes it feel like an authentic classic movie experience.

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