Sunday, September 12, 2010

I got this Len Lye t-shirt at the Govett-Brewster the weekend I went to New Plymouth. To me, the fullstop makes it seem like a demand. I like that.

I'm feeling a bit self-concious about how this photo from my last post could make my bad hem appear much worse than it actually is. The hem is only uneven by a few point somethings of an inch. Not by a few inches as that photo could seem to indicate if, like me, you panic and think bodies are flat and why don't the edges meet up exactly at the bottom? I'm not that terrible at sewing or measuring distance. But you knew that, right? I unpicked the hem this morning and stabbed myself in the thumb. Those quick unpicks are vicious. It actually drew blood.

I am loving this blog by Sarah Laing at the moment. She is the current Buddle Findlay [Frank] Sargeson writer-in-residence and the blog is called 'Let me be Frank'. Which I think is very clever. It's so cool that her posts are written in comic form. It also makes me think, clever clever clever because they could quite easily be turned into a funky little book when her residency is up. I think such a book would appeal to lots of people because the little comics deal with family life and life in general as much as they deal with being a writer/writer-in-residence and it would be the type of thing people could dip into for some amusement when they felt like it or read the whole thing in one go, like a book of poetry but with pictures. Maybe she needs me as her agent because I am doing such a good job at selling the concept.

I did go to the Spring Knack Market yesterday but I didn't stay long at all. I was very hungover. I decided the walk to the market would do me good but halfway there I was seriously questioning my judgement. I got there and said hi to Aileen, who had sold some teddies, bunnies, and hats and was very pleased with the market, had a quick walk around the hall, and then crawled home.

Sigh. I might have looked a wreck but at least I smell nice at the moment. I recently ran out of my perfume I've been using for the last 5 years, Lancome 'Miracle So Magic!' (which I have just this minute found out has been discontinued! I am not ready to let go of it completely! Farmers still had some, I am buying it this week) and decided to go crazy and get a different perfume to replace it. It's so difficult to choose perfume, you smell a couple and then completely lose sense of what smells good or bad or like toilet freshener. After about a week of lunchtime visits to Farmers to try different ones on and asking opinions ('No, that smells like Glade' - thanks Ed and Adrianne) I settled on this:

I have no idea who Issey Miyake is but whoever they are I bet they smell nice too.


  1. Awesome T-shirt and perfume!

    You know, this will sound weird, but you honestly don't strike me as much of a drinker! Which is why it was strange when you mentioned you had been hungover on Saturday. ;P I dunno, I just wouldn't have picked it!

    I do sympathise though- I had a wine and cheese evening with Ellen on Friday, where I demolished a bottle of bubbles...and ended up with the hangover from hell the next day! I usually manage to avoid hangovers, but this one was brutal. :( This week will be an alcohol-free one, I think...

  2. Issey Miyake is a fabulous fashion designer, so clearly your creativity is mixing into your sense of smell....