Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Engine Room

I'm not entirely sure who took this photo, but it definitely wasn't me because I am in this photo.

On Tuesday night I saw The Engine Room at BATS Theatre. It was amazing.

Granted, I could be considered biased because I happen to know and love the majority of the people involved in the production - enough so to wear a giant Robert Muldoon head and walk about while flyers for the show are handed out. But I see lots of shows by people I know or with people I know in them and I feel like I'm pretty honest. I definitely wouldn't rave about one unless I actually felt compelled to.

So I can honestly say I think The Engine Room is one of the best shows I have seen in Wellington all year. It is very clever, it is very funny, and the performances are energetic, hilarious, moving, and highly satisfying. I learned some things, it made me think about some things, and it reminded me why I love theatre. It's also very relevant at the moment because of the Rugby World Cup and the imminent election.

And both the reviews so far agree.

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