Friday, September 16, 2011

Town and around

Last week I went to a conference (for work) held at the old Museum Building. I'd been to a work-related awards thing there one evening a few years ago, so I knew it was a pretty cool building, but this time I was able to look around in the lunch break.

The building is now home to some of Massey University's fashion and design students, so I got to see some great fabric prints displayed in the stairwell foyers. I love the Art Deco details in the building, it seems like the perfect place for creative wee students.

On Saturday night I went to Love Story at the Penthouse in Brooklyn. It was very strange but also very funny and lovely. It was great to see a different (and probably a lot more realistic) side of New York city. The filmmaker sees a woman on a train and asks her on a date, then he has real New Yorkers suggest ways for the 'story' to progress. By the end you're not sure what's real and what's not. It's quite clever. The filmmaker is a New Zealander and he Skypes his Dad back home in the Bay of Islands for advice. His Dad is hilarious. Those were my favourite parts of the movie.

On Sunday I went to Maranui again seeing as I have a newfound love for it. My friend Lauren and I had brunch there (it was definitely worth the queue that stretched almost the length of the stairs) and as we were waiting to pay I suggested we try out the mystical palm reading machine. Only 50 cents to have your fortune told, a bargain! Lauren was highly disappointed when all my levels (the helpful categories include creativity, friends, success, health, love) were higher than hers. I assured her that the only reason my levels were higher than hers was because she warmed the reader up for me. Now we want to go to a real palm reader...

During the week the amazing-and-lovely-and-soon-to-abandon-Wellington Hannah Smith alerted me to the cutest thing ever. TINY crocheted things at Deluxe Cafe. A matchstick! A drawing pin! To scale!

There are also tiny food items. I love tiny things.

This diorama was taking bids, it was already up to $100. Whoever made it must have a lot of patience.

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