Saturday, September 24, 2011

Up in the clouds

The view from my window seat on the 5.35pm flight from Wellington to Christchurch last night was pretty impressive.

The horizon above the clouds reminded me of a photo in a series taken at Lake Eyre, 'a flat, arid salt sink in Australia' that feature in this month's National Geographic. I'm not in the habit of buying National Geographic, I got one to take to my grandfather for my recent visit to him in hospital, and I've never appreciated just how amazing some of the photos in it are. My Dad used to have a subscription and I didn't bother looking at each month's issue because I thought it was all animals. Oh foolish youth.

I'm hanging out in Hurunui this weekend with Mum. I had the most amazing giant whitebait fritter for lunch.


Tonight I think I'll get my knit on. I've finally started a scarf for my sister that I bought the yarn for ages ago. I'm knitting it in moss stitch which I have decided is actually my favourite ever. It's got such a cool texture. Whether this scarf ends up making it to my sister or not, I cannot guarantee...

(It's having a rest here against a cushion at the house I babysit at on Tuesday nights. They have so many cool things but this cushion is one of my favourites. The label on the side says, 'Seam'.)

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