Monday, September 19, 2011

Another example of small things that are awesome

The other day I hung out with my four year old cousin.

We made an awesome crown, had a tea party, and went to the park where her brother joined us in feeding the ducks. It was slightly crushing, though, when after making the crown we took turns 'presenting' each other to everyone and she said, 'Presenting....Megan!' (which is my sister's name). This has gone on since the day her older brother could talk - no matter how many times I tell them otherwise or point out the difference, they always think I'm Megan.

They're just lucky they're so cute, otherwise I probably would have given up on them by now.

The baby wasn't having a very photogenic day, which is sad because she was wearing a really cute knitted white hat with a purple flower. She is very well stocked with knitted items - including the booties and cardigans from our Nana - which makes me feel less bad about my attempted booties being such a fail. I can't even give her the amazing baby shrug of 2010, because her mother hates mint green. I have, however, given her the baby pinnafore I made at my sewing classes last year. I can't wait to get a photo of a real live baby wearing something I made!

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