Tuesday, April 27, 2010

News from the knitting front

Well, if you needed any more proof that Monday night Knitting Circle is cool - apart from the fact that you get to sit around knitting and talking to people - then perhaps some complimentary bar food would close the case for you.

Last night a slightly smaller collection of knitters (and some crocheters) than usual were stitching and chatting away (there's not really much bitching that goes on as far as I know) when one of the Southern Cross staff came over with a bowl of fries, a bowl of wedges, and some garlic bread and told us these were complimentary to say thanks for being regulars. Score! What would have been an inexpensive gesture on their part made for some happy knitters last night.

In amongst burning my fingers on super hot garlic bread, learning about tree planting in Canada and how it's a bit of a rite of passage for many Canadian young people, and discussing how the houses of pioneers in the harsh winters of the Canadian wilderness were probably warmer than most New Zealand houses in winter today (Anita and I were sitting by a Canadian and a French Canadian), I finished edging the Baby Shrug.

It is cuuute, if I do say so myself, and I am so proud. Look at that edging go! Of course it isn't perfect but it's pretty damn good for a first timer! I still have to sew it up, which I'm told isn't the easiest of tasks, but I'm prepared to do it over a few times if I have to because after all this time and effort I don't want some shoddy stitching to ruin what's taken me so long to finish.

In other knitting news (I'm a bit hesitant to say this in case it all turns to custard tomorrow when I meet with the manager, but oh well) I think I might have finally found a cafe willing to host a Wellington World Wide Knit in Public Day event in June! Hurrah. After first beginning to look into it in January and working away quietly on it ever since, it seems at least one cafe manager can bother responding to me (it took a visit, an email, and then another follow-up email) and meeting with me to discuss the finer details. Fingers and needles crossed!

Te Papa was really keen to host it but it is smack bang in the middle of their Matariki celebrations and an exhibition opening so they are too busy. But seeing as their events manager is keen on a 'stitch and wine' evening I have suggested maybe organising one for July and combining it with a visit to the exhibition, Paperskin.

Possibilities, possibilities. Hopefully they become realities, realities.

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