Thursday, April 29, 2010

Exciting times in Knitsville

Two very exciting things happened yesterday and both directly involved knitting.

I found a cafe willing to host a Wellington World Wide Knit in Public Day event and they're actually really enthusiastic about it! 

So I'm very pleased to announce that a Wellington World Wide Knit in Public Day 2010 event will be taking place at the Victoria St Cafe (corner Victoria and Bond Streets), from 1pm - 3pm on Sunday 20th June.

Now that I have a venue confirmed I can start doing all sorts of exciting things like approaching some knitting-related businesses in the city to ask if they'll donate any giveaways/prizes for the event, getting Guy to design a poster and flier under careful supervision/extreme fussiness, and trying to get some interest from the Capital Times and the like to help make sure some people actually know about it and turn up. Already one very kind and generous seller of hand-dyed 100% merino yarn has offered to donate a couple of skeins as giveaways for the event which just makes it all the more exciting (and I didn't even have to ask! What an awesome person!). 

The second thing was that I knitted a leaf!

And I love it! I'm ridiculously proud - I've already shown it to about 5 people at work this morning. It's for the 'It's a Tree!' collaborative community project organised by OutdoorKnit, TheNewDowse, Craft2.0 and Knitsch Yarns. The pattern for the leaf (and a flower) is on the OutdoorKnit website.

I'd love to say I whipped it up in an hour but it actually took me the whole of the MasterChef New Zealand grand finale and another hour after that (so, umm, 3 hours). I have been LOVING MasterChef New Zealand and the final had me on the edge of my seat which may explain why the leaf took me so long. I got distracted and mucked the leaf up towards the end so had to rip it back and try to figure out where I was up to in the pattern to keep going. Luckily Anita was on hand to help me work it out (having run out of yarn for her own leaf) and she stayed until the bitter end because she was determined to see me finish it.

At least we can safely say Anita was warm while she sat around waiting - she was wearing the amazing hoodie her Grandma knitted her. The only thing is that the hood is rather large!


  1. Register it on the WWKIP day website! QUIIIIICK!!
    Yay for you :D


  2. I have I have! I registered it as soon as I got back to work from meeting with the cafe man yesterday but apparently you need to allow about 24 hours for them to moderate your event listing and then it will appear. I checked this morning and then again just now but it's not there yet...Soon I hope!

  3. and eventfinder, and facebook and i will blog about it on the wellingtonista, and craft2.0 (or tash might) and we can promote it at Craft2.0 :D