Monday, April 19, 2010


Yesterday we had a stall selling tea and lamingtons at the City Market to help raise some money for our theatre show, Tea for Toot, which will be on at BATS Theatre in May.

It was a long day that started at 7.30am with setting up for the market and ended at 7pm after our usual Sunday evening rehearsal at which we were a little more hysterical than usual due to extreme tiredness. But that's theatre kids, they battle on for the love of it. And the hilarity.

Our stall was SO CUTE. We didn't make as much money as we had hoped (we didn't realise how many people came solely for the various free samples on offer until a couple of people specifically said, 'Oh, are you not doing free samples? That's the only thing we come here for.') but our flyers for the show flew out the door as they each had a tea bag attached and, as we now know, people love free stuff. Even if it is just a tea bag...

To go with the tea, we made rasberry and blueberry lamingtons. A lot of them. My little brother Hunter came to stay for the night on Friday and LOVED helping to make them on Saturday morning. We made them the cheat's way with bought sponge cut into squares, dipped into jelly crystals mixed with water for the colour, and then covered in coconut. They tasted great!

They were also very popular and lots of people stopped to take photos, including Next magazine's food editor Julie Le Clerc - we actually should have charged 50 cents per photo, we would have made a killing!

Our super cute stall complete with embroidered tablecloth, pretty half-aprons and an artfully draped tea towel

I got this idea for keeping the tea hot once it was brewed from a man selling tea at the French Market in Auckland the other weekend. It worked like a charm! The others weren't such fans of the tea pot on the right, but I love the shape and the colours. It's a little house in a forest of trees that look strangely like balloons.

Your friendly hostess in the house coat/dress with clashing spotted apron

Tonight it's Monday night Knitting Circle and I'm looking forward to getting back to knitting - I haven't touched the needles in over a week and I'm missing it!

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