Sunday, April 11, 2010

In which we resume normal transmission

This evening I got back from a weekend in Auckland with my Mum. We went up to see Carole King and James Taylor in concert. Yes I'm 22 not 52, but I love Carole King. Mum used to listen to Carole King's Tapestry album all the time when I was younger and then I got her live Carnegie Hall Concert album which became a favourite of mine. It was an awesome concert, they sang all the old favourites and their final encore song was The Loco-Motion which, unless you were a Carole King fan, you probably wouldn't know she wrote. Old Carole was pretty freaking energetic for 68, she shook those hips and jumped up and down like nobody's business!

The weather in Auckland was beautiful. On Saturday morning we went to the French-style Farmers' Market in Parnell. So much delicious food.

For humans...

...and for dogs.

As well as flowers and all sorts of lovely things.

Today we went to the Winter Garden at the Auckland Domain - a favourite Auckland spot of mine. I think it would be a great place for a wedding or a big outdoor afternoon tea party (actually the latter sounds the most appealing of the two).

Then we went to Devonport on the ferry and wandered along the main street for an hour or two, ending up at two of my favourite places in the whole of Auckland.

Why don't we have a yarn shop like Wild and Wolly Yarns in Wellington??? (Although, having said that I haven't been to every yarn shop in Wellington so we might have one that I just don't know about; I haven't been to The Yarn Studio at Nancy's which sounds promising). All the yarn is so beautifully displayed and there are so many examples of garments and baby blankets and all the bamboo needles you could ever want. Sigh. This was actually where I got the yarn for my very first scarf.

This yarn is described on the tag as the 'Ferrari' of 8plys and it was so soft and delicious. I actually stroked it against my cheek. Shame.

I was very restrained though and didn't buy anything. I really wanted to buy a ball of that Sublime just to take home and stroke, but I didn't.

And Cushla's Village Fabrics makes me want to quit my job and be a quilter/roll around in pretty fabric all day...

On our way back to the ferry I saw some knitting graffiti I had read about. It's looking a little weather beaten but still very cool. When I saw it I cried, 'Hey look! It's that thing!'. My Mum was pretty bemused by the whole knitting graffiti concept when I explained it to her.

I didn't make many purchases on my trip, what I did buy is summarised here:

A new velvety bag (the very back fabric in the photo) that for some reason makes me think of Mary Poppins. A top with Tuis on it. Some really pretty blue and cream buttons from Wild and Wolly Yarns (okay I did cave and buy something, but it wasn't yarn). And a super cool magazine, Extra Curricular, I had heard/read about somewhere but hadn't seen in the flesh. I had to buy it because as well as lots of other cool stuff, it had an article on Devon Smith. Maybe a subscription successor to World Sweet World? I shall look into it.

For now, bed time!

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