Thursday, March 4, 2010

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Last night when I got home there was a big brown envelope on my bed which was very exciting as I had no idea what it could be. Then when I picked it up I realised it was the Autumn 2010 issue of World Sweet World which was even more exciting.

My excitement quickly turned to disappointment though because I noticed that the picture on the cover had the words 'Thank You and Goodnight' as part of it and that it was called the 'Peace' issue. The letter that accompanied the magazine confirmed my suspicion. It was the World Sweet World magazine's final issue, they won't be publishing another.

I subscribed to World Sweet World in early January after buying a copy of the Summer 09/10 issue to take to the beach with me. I loved the Summer issue, I pored over it in the tent and read every single page (notice I said 'in the tent', not 'in the sun'? Guy would be like, 'Get out of the tent you freak, it's a beautiful day', but woe is me with my pale pale skin and its extremely low tolerance of the midday sun even with sunblock on. I may have spent the hottest part of our days at the beach in the tent but I also did not get sunburned at all. Take that UV rays!).

The articles were interesting and well written, there were cool ideas for things to make, and the design and layout of the whole package was cute and appealing. It was also produced by New Zealanders with all New Zealand content which I really liked. A crafty colleague of mine (she makes cards and likes hunting for vintage fabric) loaned me two earlier issues she had bought after I told her that I had bought and enjoyed the Summer issue. The quality of the content in both of those issues was also really high so it seems like it was a recurringly awesome magazine.

I'm really sad to see it go. It's exciting for its editors that they're having their first baby, a new little DIY project to work on. And of course there's still this issue to read, which has a beautiful cover by an artist I just discovered on Sunday (funny how things like that ALWAYS happen, you never hear of someone, then you read about them/see their work and they seem to keep popping up for a while after that).

Devon Smith and Sarah McNeil have an exhibition of their art on in The Pit Bar at BATS Theatre at the moment. I LOVE Devon's drawings and I think someone should buy me one for my birthday...I have already said this to Guy and I'll be putting it on my mental birthday list (which I should probably make into a physical birthday list because otherwise when people ask me what I want I forget and have to try to think of stuff which is never as good as what I later remember was on my mental list).

Guy and I were at BATS on Sunday night to see A Love Tail. On Tuesday night we went to Salon which takes place in the actual hair salon, Fallen From Grace Hair Salon (for the first Fringe Festival I was ever involved in we did a show called A Darling Bud of Maybe - had to get the name in there because it's so cute - whose main character was a florist and the show was in an actual florist shop. Thank you Susan White Florist!). Then last night we saw Who's Neat? You!, Ruby Tuesday, and Sun Drugs. We didn't plan to see Sun Drugs, I didn't even know it was on, but it was free and in The Pit Bar and I'm glad I did - it was crazy, funny, and kind of inexplicable.

So that will pretty much wrap-up my Fringe 2010 viewing I think. The Fringe Awards are on on Sunday night which will hopefully be a fun evening. I think Guy is performing one of Brotastik's songs from his show which I'm sure will go down a treat.

Another theatre/craft link this week. In the 'Indulgence' section of the weekend Dominion Post there was an article about a woman whose exhibition of works made from yarn is on at the Mary Newton Gallery until the 27th of March.

Last year I directed a show for the Fringe Festival that we staged in the Mary Newton Gallery. My friend visited it one day and realised it had great acoustics and would be perfect for the little musical she had written that we were going to put on. The women who run the gallery are really nice so I'm going to try to get along and see the exhibition because it looks very intriguing.

And finally, I got an email confirmation today that my order of 4mm 60cm-length circular needles from The Yarn Queen has been posted. So I should get them tomorrow. Yay! I was getting worried because I know The Yarn Queen office is closed on a Friday so if I didn't get my email saying that my order had been posted today it would mean I wouldn't get my needles until next week. And I want to get the better of this Baby Shrug!

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