Saturday, March 20, 2010


Last night I was feeling pretty yuck due to my cold (which has turned my voice into that of a pack-a-day smoker crossed with a pubescent boy) so I sat in front of the TV and knitted all night. Amazing progress was made:

And I finally understand how it's going to work when it's finished (finishing is now seeming infinitely more possible with every row which is a goood feeling).

Amazing! The scary bit coming up once I've finished the right hand sleeve and front is taking the stitches on the holding needle and starting the ribbed edging that goes all the way around the front, neck and bottom edges. But hopefully like everything else I've thought was going to be scary and hard, it will actually turn out to be relatively easy. Hopefully.

Here's a card I made during the week, for Guy on his opening night:

He loves MJ, who even features in the show, so he loved this card. One day when he makes it big and I can sew, I might even make him a replica gold and black outfit...

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