Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ummm, CUTE

This is Anita's first finished bootie. I am so jealous, it is so tiny and adorable. She's not happy with her sewing of the seams on the bottom though so is not going to be using this as part of her pair. She's knitting another two. Apparently babies really care about how perfect the seams on their booties are...
Still Life: Bootie on Couch Arm

There it is just hanging out being all cute on the arm of a couch.

As for the Baby Shrug, both of the girls I'd normally ask for knitting advice weren't at Monday night Knitting Circle last night so when I got to the 'change to circulars' part of the pattern I just went back to my dishcloth.

However, today I received a reply from the Raveller I emailed yesterday who had finished the Baby Shrug pattern the other day and she answered my questions: she used a 32" length circular because she'd just bought some for making adult jerseys with (although she said sweater because she's American, those Americans, so cute) but she thought I could squeeze by with a 16" although it may be a 'tad tight'; she said a 24" or 29" would be perfect though. I do not need to join for working in the round.

Hurrah! She said if I have any other questions she's 'glad to help'. What a lovely lady. Isn't Ravelry the best invention ever?

I also realised today that I don't have 4mm circulars of any length anyway, I have 3.5mm and 3.75mm ones and the 3.75mm ones are what I'm knitting the dishcloth on at the moment. So I bought some 4mm 60cm length (24") circulars from the Yarn Queen and I can't wait to get them in the mail so that I can get on with the shrug!

The Baby Knitters Club is planning a field trip for this Saturday to Craft 2.0 at the TheNewDowse. I am rather excited about this because I went once late last year but I misjudged the bus times and ended up only being able to spend about 20 mins there before having to turn around and come home again in time for something else I had to do. So this time we can take Anita's car and be all leisurely.

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