Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Sound of Good Fortune and Crafty Buys

Last night I was very lucky to be able to go to a NZ International Arts Festival show for just $20.00. Ever since I read about Sound of Silence in the Festival programme and the saw the poster for it I wanted to see just how this whole 'three hour theatre piece set to the music of Simon and Garfunkel with no dialogue' worked, but at $78.00 for the cheapest ticket bought under normal circumstances for a lot of the shows, I had decided I could only go to one show and I wasn't prepared to make Sound of Silence my one show.

However, very luckily for me, Guy's friend Erina lined up at 10.30am in Midland Park for the ten $20.00 tickets available at 12.30pm each day for each show that is on that night. She got two tickets to Sound of Silence, her friend could no longer go with her, and Guy said that I wanted to go, so voila! At 7pm at the TSB Arena, Sound of Silence began with me in the audience!

(images above courtesy of napoliteatrofestival's photostream on flickr)

(image courtesy of NZ International Arts Festival website)

I'm so glad I went. It wasn't like blow-you-out-of-your-seat-amazing, it was quite gentle and slow but it had great humour and the costumes and set were amazing. These photos don't show some of the best costumes but man I would so love to raid their costume racks! Surprisingly, you quickly get used to no speaking and it was nice to give up trying to read narrative into every little scene and just enjoy what was happening on stage each moment and absorb the overarching narrative of the show as a whole. That's sounding a bit theatre-y so I'll leave it there... Basically, those Latvians from New Riga Theatre know how to make a beautiful show and I was so lucky to be able to go.

Then today Anita and I went on our first Baby Knitters Club field trip to Craft 2.0. So many nice things of which I purchased a few:

Pretty lemon cupcakes.

Something I had thought might tempt me...this is Cherry Ripe by Knitsch. Of course I had to buy it because of the name (and the fact that it's awesome colours). There were so many beautiful colour combinations, Anita bought 'Almost Iris' which was light purple and yellow. I think I'll try knitting my first pair of socks with it when I'm done with the Baby Shrug (so, in the very distant future).

I was looking for a present for my Nana's 76th birthday next week; she is very hard to buy for because she loves reading but borrows all her books from a friend who seems to buy one a day (and the library), she doesn't like knick knacks - she has one small display shelf with a few select items such as a wee vase she bought in Sweden, and she has a set number of photo frames on the mantlepiece (4) and a photo has to be good enough to replace an existing one to get displayed rather than adding another frame to the collection. If she was into design she'd definitely be a minimalist.

So I like to try to get her practical things, things that she'll use. For Christmas I bought her a really nice tin of English Breakfast Tea and some honey sweets. Today I bought her three tiny pillows filled with lavender. She's been having trouble sleeping and won't heed my advice to take up knitting again (she just laughs when I tell her that if she's awake at 1am she'll be able to whip out her knitting, knit a few rows, and she'll soon get heavy eyelids) so she can tuck one under her pillow and use the others as drawer scents. The fabric is cute and I love the design and image on the Tea Pea label. This evening I'm going to make a card to go with her present, a bit of an experimentation with sewing fabric onto card. If all goes well, it shall be revealed tomorrow.

I really wanted to buy one of the Sweet William prints but that will have to wait for another day (or birthday...I'll be adding it to the list).

So apart from having to leave lots of stuff I would have liked to have taken home behind, it was a nice little visit to Craft 2.0 and some very good purchases made. It also made me want to get out the sewing machine, but we'll see. As my 4mm 60cm-length circulars arrived in the post yesterday, I might try to get some Baby Shrug knitting happening. First I'll have to work out how to actually do what the pattern asks but like Maria, I have confidence...

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