Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Revolt of the Mannequins

The Lovers

Day 2:

(his sign says 'I love you')

Day 5:

(after she had set a little table with a candle, champagne, and dinnerware and he had dug a hole in the ground and popped up into her window)

Day 7:

(after it had turned ugly and he had held a small chainsaw to her throat - those crazy French and their humour...)

(if you look closely you'll see that her leg is actually coming through the glass!)

Day 8:

From some other stories:

Closing Down Sale - Day 2

(later removed by David Lawrence management; this article explains why. I wrote a terse email to David Lawrence expressing my disappointment at their overreaction!)

The Sniper and the Detective - Day 2

(the sniper moved around, first he was on a roof top opposite this window, later he could be found being chased through other windows by the detective...)

Day 8

(...who on the last day had him in custody in a car on the footpath)

There were so many other amazing scenes, this is just a cute dog from one of the other scenes on the last day:

For more images from when it was staged in France see here. They got a couple of cool ones that we didn't get. Not that I'm complaining...

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