Thursday, March 18, 2010

And so it grows, and so it grows...

Baby Shrug after some knitting on Tuesday night:

This was after such manoeuvres as putting 36 stitches onto a holding needle (the white wool is me being paranoid about the stitches falling off the ends so I have tied a bit of wool to either end as a safe guard. Still a bit paranoid though), casting off 16 stitches, and knitting 5 rows on the remaining 36 stitches. It actually kind of looks like it could be a baby shrug now!

This was after some knitting last night. Not a lot obviously but it took a while because I had to 'K3, M1 , k to end. Work 3 rows straight' 3 times. And the first time I did it I followed the instructions for M1 in the Bible, as I had done when making my hat with no problems, and it seemed to make a hole! Now the photo below is an attempt to illustrate this shocking, outrageous occurance but it actually just makes me look like a drama queen.

It doesn't look as bad in the photo, all tiny and innocent as it is, but in REAL LIFE just above where the needle is pointing is my first M1 and beneath it is what appears to be a hole. I tried to go back and do it again but on the way lost a stitch and had to pick it up again and that freaked me out so I decided not to risk a bigger problem and carried on knitting again. My second M1 didn't create as bad a hole but it still looks like it created a mini hole and I followed the instructions to the letter (even though I had the first time as well).

Knitting WHY are you doing this to me? I am trying so hard, being so careful and patient and SLOW and you are not being very helpful.

Now, from what I can tell from the pattern, this part may be the back of the shrug so it might not be very visible on the finished product and hopefully with a nice hand washing at the end all the stitches will feel the love for each other and close up such nonsensical holes between them.

Coming up soon is what appears to be some casting off on a PURL row. I haven't done that before so some stressful times ahead. And some people find knitting relaxing. Hah!

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  1. M1s do generally create a little hole as essentially you are pulling a stitch up to the next row. It evens out a bit after you block it :)