Tuesday, March 16, 2010

O for Organising

Last night was Monday night Knitting Circle and yesterday I received an email from Tash of Knitsch to say she was finally able to make it along and wondered if there was a Southern Cross Knitting Circle group on Ravelry. When I replied that there wasn't she suggested I start one and after some playing around with my limited tools and abilities (Microsoft Paint and Word), I created a banner for the group.

(I can pretty much start my own graphic design business now.
I mean, look at the quality of that...)

So now anyone who comes along on Monday nights and is on Ravelry can join the group. This will make it easier to put names to faces (because I am so terrible, I hardly know anyone's name even though there are some people I have been seeing there and chatting to for months) and to find patterns you might have seen people knitting or photos of finished creations you've seen in progress on Monday nights.

I'm still in the process of finding a venue for a Wellington World Wide Knit in Public Day 2010 event so watch this space. I want somewhere a bit more central than the Southern Cross and also think it will be a nice change of scenery to have it somewhere different from Monday night Knitting Circle, but so far due to other venues having other events on on the same few possible dates I'm not very spoiled for choice.

I spent last night on the Baby Shrug which is progressing slowly. It's now looking more like something that could conceivably one day become a garment.

(My attempt at putting some more light on it which actually seemed to make the rest of the room darker. Let's call it mood lighting.)

Anita decided to try making a pair of bigger booties so had lots of fun with maths and didn't get much knitting done. It's tough going for the Baby Knitters Club.

As I walked home from Monday night Knitting Circle I was so not looking forward to making my bed as I had washed the sheets and the duvet so it all needed to be redone. There's a cold going around work and I've got it so I just felt like collapsing into bed. Which, it turned out, I could, because when I got home...

My room had been 'serviced' by Guy and my flatmate Lauren (who works at a hotel so is very accomplished at making beds and plumping pillows - among other things of course like managing the hotel's bar and restaurant). They had found some little lotions and potions I'd been given at Christmas to complete the package. So cute. And Lauren has fulfilled her goal to 'make it onto the blog'. Even though she's already been blogged about by someone much cooler than me...

I'm in quarantine from Guy at the moment as his show Wannabe got chosen as Pick of the Fringe (as well as winning Best One Man Band (Solo Show) in the Fringe Awards) so he has a return season at Downstage Theatre which opens on Thursday night and for which him catching a cold would not be helpful. Brotastik, the boy band he plays all five members of in the show, now has a website which I may or may not have contributed some fan fiction to. It's a pretty awesome throwback to tacky websites of the 90s and the place to go for your Brotastik desktop wallpaper.

Of course Revolt of the Mannequins finished on the weekend and I have some photos of the awesomeness that I've decided to reveal now that it's over, but I'll save them for tomorrow as once I start I know it will be very difficult to stop. It was such an amazing event, I am in love with Royal De Luxe.


  1. Much cooler than you? Errrr, hate to break it to you Cherie but I am deeply, deeply uncool. Lauren will confirm.

    Glad you are in touch with Tash... if a little jealous. I feel so left out of the Welly crowd! I miss everyone there!

  2. Well you know if you come back you can add another babysitter to your list - I can teach Hannah some tips on being a redhead. My sister has hair exactly the same colour as Hannah's and she felt my wrath when she dyed it BROWN.

  3. even tho it's not the city
    i bet thenewdowse would adore/love/screem with delight to host WWKIPD

    if you have it on the same day at craft2.0 i could find/ make space for it all